Time passes…

Well, it looks like we almost went around the 4 seasons without realizing. The progress have been rather disappointing and I have yet to find reliable team members to collaborate with. There were instances where I have confident that I have found the right person for the job, however none of them have the tenacity to last long enough to see it through. Despite all that happened, I am not putting the blame on anyone since it is all volunteer work. People have bills to pay and mouths to feed. This has also been a learning experience for me on project management and game development, and I will strive to better myself.

While nothing is happening on the other departments (media, story, mapping), I have made a lot of breakthrough in terms of class design and mechanics, all thanks to someone who is not even part of the team. Sad as it may sound, but beggar can’t be chooser. When life gives you a lemon, don’t just make any average lemonade. Put in effort, time, and passion to make the best lemonade ever. I mustered up every drop of courage and seek out advice from… let’s just refer to him as J for now. Out of over hundred people, I have singled out a handful whom I feel like they have some of the brightest mind around, and J is one of them. The things he said have always made me think outside the box and I often find myself considering things that I may have overlooked when it comes to game design.

I have to muster up more courage to press the “send” button after writing my initial message. A few days went by without response despite having read the message, but I refused to give in. After all I am the one seeking his help, I should be more patient. If he is willing to, he has to spend his own free time and energy on something which may or may not benefit him in any way. Thankfully he agreed to share his opinion and provide recommendations. This is perhaps around 1-3 months ago and we have been exchanging mails since then. Looking back through the history, I couldn’t help but feel proud and impressed at the walls upon walls of texts and the progress we made through simple mail exchange. There are no words to describe my gratitude for what J had done for a complete stranger.

As of today, October 10 2016, we have almost finished with all the playable classes. There are still round 1-3 that needs the finishing touch, but it is time to wrap things up for the main classes. What I can see happening next is ironing out the formulas and stats. It is probably around the time when I make another push on recruitment. This time I will adopt a more hands-on approach and make sure I keep a close watch on everybody and demand constant communication. I must admit that I am still somewhat skeptical as to the level of commitment I can expect from volunteers, but I can only do so much without crossing that boundary on what I should and should not do. In the end, this is my project, no one will do it if I don’t.


Wake up, Vince. You have to learn to be versatile so that you don’t have to rely on others. Time to master Yanfly’s plugins and brush up on some JavaScript. Even if I am the only one left, I will see to it that I finish this project.


Chronicles of Avalon progress update 3/7/2016

With the completion of the first Act in the story, I recreated another project using the new starting point, added the new maps and cutscenes. The previous project will be added into the current project as they are the same game, just that we wanted to add some introductions and zones to get the players better acquainted with the character background. Jarrod’s childhood and how he got about to meet Lisbeth’s family is now complete. There are minor issues with things like the timing and other issues like the flow of time, etc., which will be fixed soon.

A big thank you to the team for their feedback Pressing on.

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Chronicles of Avalon progress update 16/2/2016

The past 2 weeks have been very exciting. We have two new and very talented member who joined us. Neha is a very talented composer who pretty much nailed the 3 starting soundtracks at an amazing speed. Macatlas, an amazing storywriter/scriptwriter.

The starting zone has been changed to reflect the updates to the story and a few new maps have been added. We will add a number of new zones and some cutscenes from the past before the game to help introduce the main characters and provide some character/world background.

I made some breakthrough with parallax mapping. Looking forward to cranking out maps once we finalize the introduction.

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Chronicles of Avalon progress update 2/3/2016

It’s been slightly over a week since the last update. Much work has been done, including the full skill list for all the classes. I am really liking the enchanter class as it is very … not sure what is the right word to use here… perhaps “strategic” is the word I am looking for. It is not a class you play solo, doesn’t mean that you can’t but it will be very difficult, but it shines in group play in an intense battle (or so I hope, as that is the purpose of the enchanter class). Anyways, the v2.0 skill list is done, but I know for certain that we will go back to revise it at some point in the future.

We are fortunate enough to have found a consultant with a degree in game design, and so far I have been receiving a lot of beneficial advise which helps me settle a lot of my doubts.

As for the goals I set to myself in the group conversation, I am pleased to say that I have achieved most (if not all the goals I set for myself). The map to Lyre is complete and fully parallaxed. There should not be any parts that looked odd. I have ran A LOT of tests to make sure that it is fully functional.

Quick preview of the maps:




Forest Path is accessible when you take that first turn to the right on the first map. That is still work in progress due to its difficulty as it is a windy forest path with lots of twists and turns.

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Chronicles of Avalon progress update 1/24/2016

Things are a little school since school have started for some people, but progress is still being made. Assigned some tasks for team members to be completed by the end of January, which should take us up to the second village.

Part of the task I set for myself was to properly define the story since the writers need some more details about the character background and events prior to the game. So that’s done and the details have been shared with the group as well as the editors.

Since the world is pretty big and only part of it is accessible in the current installment, I have also defined the playable area. This was defined initially, but it lacked details. For example the forest is just trees everywhere without any sign of change in elevation and whatnot. The third zone, Faldrassil and the headquarter of the Guardians of Avalon is just a giant tree, etc. etc.


Main areas includes:

  1. Sheffield, the starting zone, the stop station for adventurers going through the woods.
  2. Lyre, a small village deep within the woods. Initially it was another rest stop, but it grew to become a small village overtime.
  3. Arum, the home of the elves, the protector of nature and the world tree, Faldrassil. It is built around the base of the world tree. Also the base for the Guardians of Avalon faction.
  4. Verdigris Ruins, an ancient elven ruins that have been abandoned for centuries. It is mostly forgotten by many.



Not much is planned for this yet, but they will definitely be there and they are completely optional. Some are for the usual EXP/gold/gears, some are part of side quests, and some are for both.

  1. Stormcrow camp, the last known whereabouts of a group of bandits that often rob travelers and attacked caravans.
  2. Wyrmrest Mountain, it was rumored to be the final resting place of a mighty ancient dragon. Rumor has it that this is also the place where the dragon kept it’s wealth.
  3. Faldrassil, a one-time dungeon as part of the main quest to eliminate mutated wildlife and other things. This is still under planning, so I am not sure if this is going to actually become a dungeon or simply a scripted event.


I have also been reading up on in-game mechanics, hopefully I can put what I read into good use and make something more than the average RPGmaker game.

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Project Avalon progress update 31/12/2015

Looks like it is the last day of the year, happy new year to everyone!

We took in a good number of talented individuals to help with the dialogue and story. No progress yet as of this point. I let people off for Christmas and New Year holiday. There are quite a lot of progress on the mapping side though. The starting town, Sheffield, is pretty much complete.

I am planning to start the game with a series of concept art image of some form to provide the players with some background information. Then there is a cutscene at the starting area, the Woodcarver Tavern, where the player will be given more information about what they are supposed to do. We will put the player through a tutorial battle before they leave the tavern and enters Sheffield. The road to the east towards Eastcliff and Everwinter will be blocked off by a guard. The road south towards Austera will be closed as well. I am thinking of using Lisbeth to prevent players from travelling southwards by reminding them to stay focused on their task at hand.

Sheffield is a very small village. Maybe not less of a village and more of a pit stop for travelers traveling through the woods. It has a general store for traveling supplies and the most important building is the tavern, the Woodcarver, where travelers can stop there for a bite to eat and a room to spend the night in. The rest are simply residential building, a small farm, and a stable.

I have hosted the game on my google drive for the project members to try it out.

Here’s a sample map for the starting village, Sheffield:



Progress will resume after New Year 2016. Or maybe a day or two after that.

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Project Avalon progress update 18/12/2015

Can’t wait for TherainED for the story anymore. He never deliver despite all the promises and I have been super generous with the waiting time.

Project recruitment thread is up, and we have a few individuals expressing interest in helping with the project. Zortik, despite his shortage of time, has been kind enough to help with the story. What he did on one day is more than what TherainED did in 2 months.

The starting map, the Woodcarver Tavern, has been remade on RMMV and is fully parallaxed. Lighting effect is complete as well. Of course this is not 100% necessary, but it does let me get around the way certain thing works. For example:


The above is the default look, the bottom is the way the character look while walking around in my parallaxed map.

Compiled a list of plugins to be used as well. Mostly Yanfly and Tsukihime’s plugins, but there are also Orange’s Lighting and time plugin and Kaus overlay map. They total count is approximately 40-50 plugins.

Now that we got the wheel spinning once again, weekly report shall continue once again.


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