Banned for the first time in my life

21 Aug

Hello World!

Well, my usual uneventful Friday just suddenly got a whole lot more interesting. A few of you might know that I am working on a game using the my idea that was originally intended for another game, Unholy RPG. The change of heart is mainly due to the fact I feel that the developers for the game is starting to lose the plot and introduced some questionable updates. If you are observant, have some common sense, or even just a bit serious/critical, you will see how broken it actually is.

Before I start, I must make a few points clear to all the readers:

  1. I do not harbor any ill will or hatred against the owner, though I am appalled at how unprofessional and how short sighted they are. I have lost any emotion and any feelings about the game when it became obvious to me about how blind and short-sighted they are.
  2. Friends, enemies, fake-friends alike, you’re all awesome! I had a blast while playing with you all.
  3. I am sorry, Noxx, I can no longer be your flatmate and share the cost of the shelter, but I am sure that you will find someone better!
  4. You can get in touch with me through this wordpress or contact me directly through my email (just please DO NOT sign me up for weird things xD)
  5. Finally, I do not expect anyone to agree with my views, the point of this post is to say things that I am unable to say in game. I do not want people to start speculating why it happened or what actually happened. More importantly, I do not wish for anyone to be fed with some nonsense about all these.

We all know that we cannot just criticize others without providing a sound and legitimate reason, so lets get started. Unholy RPG ( is a browser based text role playing game (RPG). I suppose we can consider it a persistent browser based game (PBBG) as it is played over the internet through a web browser and progress is made through successive playing session. Players have an energy bar and a courage bar that will continuously regenerate till they hit the upper limit. Energy can be used for training purposes to raise your stats, for player versus player (PVP) fights, for healing, for busting people out of jails and a few other things. Courage is solely used for questing, which generates experience (EXP) and money (in game currency). A player’s stats (Strength, Agility, Guard and Charisma) can be obtained through spending energy training in the in-game gym, and you can raise your stats infinitely. Some people like me might find it a little ridiculous since someone who has been playing for a year will definitely be unreachable for someone new. Unless the old player stopped playing. But this is life, so we all just learn to deal with it one way or another. What I find ridiculous was the stat flasks that you can obtain in-game through searches or through donations (or accumulating black pearls through daily votes). The ones you find in-game raises your stats by 1% per flask and the one purchased using Black Pearls raises your stats by 5%. What’s wrong with this? Well think about it this way, you are having items that increases your stats by a PERCENTAGE in a game where you can raise your stats INFINITELY? Somewhat hard to swallow, but okay, we will do our best to deal with it.

Personally I feel that such items are potentially (potentially? Who am I kidding.) game breaking. PVP is pretty much a joke. Each player has the option to purchase shelters. Shelters increases the upper limit of your mood bar, which will affect your training results. A new player would get basically nothing from the gym–maybe something like 0.2(?) or 0.5(?) stats per energy spent. Our energy bar is set to 100 by default, and you regenerate 10% energy every 10 minutes. Assuming that the new player does nothing but train, here’s roughly the amount of stats he/she will get if he/she spends 24 hours worth of energy training.

Number of hours in a day * number of energy regenerated in an hour * stat gain per energy spent:

24 hours * 60 energy * 0.25 stats = 360 stat points
(This is an approximation as I do not remember the exact amount back when I am still a newbie)

I have the second best shelter in the game, so I get around 1.25+ stats per energy spent training. I also have increased my maximum energy limit from an in-game item called the Codex Gigas:

24 hours * 96 energy * 1.25 stats = 2880 stat points
I gain 96 energy every hour because my maximum energy is at 155 and the regeneration is 10% per hour (rounded up) so it is 0.10 * 160 * 6 = 96.

Putting the math aside, we can clearly see the difference in stat gain between a newbie and a somewhat regular player. I have access to the highest level searching ground, so I can find those flasks that boosts single stat by 1%. One of my stat, Guard, is at around 260,000, so whenever I use a 1% Guard increase flask, I will get 260,000 * 0.01 = 2600 points in Guard. I am sure everyone can see the difference between a new player and someone who has been playing for 200+ days. 360 versus 2880 + 2600 + n. where n represents the stat I gained from using other types of flasks (Bloodlust for strength and Phoenix for agility).

Fortunately they introduced a flask tolerance level, effectively a cap on stat gain through flasks. Once you go over the threshold, your gain is limited to 1500(?) per 1% flasks and 7500(?) per 5% flasks. A positive (debatable) change but still does not improve the situation. A daily gain of 2880~ stat points with additional 3000 to 7500 stats through the use of 1% flasks (this number varies depending on how many flasks consumed. This assumption is based on 1500 * 2 up to 1500 * 5. You get 2 – 5 flasks from daily searches) and an additional 7500 stats every 9-10 days from voting, so that is around 750 stats per day. If a new player is to use the 1% flasks, they gain next to nothing. What is 1% of 100? Yes, it is 1. If you argue that they can get additional stat scrolls from the hunting ground, you get around 1 to 5 stat points depending on what scrolls you find/use and they are not that common either, and they do not bring you any closer in closing the gap.

Again, okay. We cannot do anything about it since that is the system in the game. Then they have to bring about the guild war update. If the PvP situation itself is a joke due to the difference in the top players who have either been playing for a long time or spend a large sum of money in-game, what do you expect from the guild war update? If you just started playing the game and created a guild for your friends and you to play together, wars will be declared on you left and right and your guild will probably get dangerously close to destruction in 2-3 weeks? This is just an approximation. You may find yourself asking why would people bother with wars? The answer is reputation. The guild war update came with a feature that allows you to purchase upgrades to boost different things such as gains from gym training, increases the upper limit of your courage bar, more money from mugging others and more experience from killing people. You gain reputation by killing members of the guild you are at war with until they lose 20% of their reputation, and then the No Aggression Pact (NAP) will kick in and stop each side from declaring war on each other for a week. It looked fine and dandy on the surface, but if you take another look at it, a new player with like 100-1000 points in each stats going against players like Noxx, Jade Helm 15 who probably have up to 13000000 points in each stats–strength, agility, guard. It is pretty obvious who is going to win and it is pretty obvious that you stood no chance in the war. The stronger guild can wipe the floor with you and your friends while you are unable to fight back. Sure, there are ways to escape being killed and it can be achieved through the use of Veil of Immortality (in-game crafted item) or get yourself killed on suicide missions (you are protected against attacks if you have less than 75% HP), but then it is just a matter of time before they catch you off guard. And yes, you can do guild quest to get more reps and prevent your guild from getting destroyed, but keep in mind that quests are not at 100% success rate and you only get around 3 reps per successful ones. The cycle of pain will repeat once the NAP expires and all you can do is watch your guild reputation slowly drain away by whoever declared war on you.

Back to the issue about stats. I can get approximately 2880 stat points if i spend 24 hour worth of energy on stat training alone. If my guild purchase the stat boost from gym, I will get 1% more, which puts me at 2880 * 0.01 = 29 extra stat points. It is not much but it adds up. The gain is capped at 10%, which means that I will get 288 extra stat points on average. Achieving level 10 Gym bonus is a matter of time, but it is certainly doable. I have pointed this out on numerous occasion that the update needs re-thinking and the stat system itself is not doing the guild war update any good. Fine, if you want to make PVP a big part, make guilds more meaningful and have a more active community, but obviously you are going about it the wrong way. The owner, Insidious (ID #1) clearly stated that he hated the current stat system (and by some extension, the flasks) but instead of introducing a fix to balance PVP, he (and co-owner, Deeds, ID #3) decides to introduce a series of small fixes that doesn’t do much good. Yes it slows down flasks users after the threshold is reached, but it is not helping. Well, now that you are aware of what the game is like, time for me to move on.

My player ID is 838 and my in-game name (IGN) is Kirito. I started playing at Unholy RPG around 200+ days ago and has been an active part of the community. I am very straightforward and I assure you that I am the guy who will give you his honest opinion without any fancy wrappings and sugar coating. I certainly WILL NOT sing you Bob Marley’s “Every little thing is going to be alright” if you decided to do something stupid. Since this update itself is pretty stupid, I spoke passionately against it to the owner. I did not make a ruckus and cause public disturbance. I shared my view with four (maybe five) other players, regardless of whether they will tell on me or not, and basically get nothing but confirmation of what I have in mind. This update is stupid, if not broken. After certain point, I feel that the owner is not open for negotiation or constructive criticism regarding this update, so I stopped mailing them. My other reason was that I was too passionate about my views in one of my mail to Insidious that I was told by Deeds to “not mail either of them anymore”. I won’t deny that I used some strong words (not cussing) not too long after he return from the his pneumonia treatment, but I am not going to apologize for what I said since it is nothing but the truth. I did have a heated internal struggle about whether I should be sorry for my choice of words but I never arrive at a conclusion, I blame personal feelings and certain bias in me. Well, since it is his game, he has the final say and I have to deal with it or move on. I decided that I will deal with it. I did say what might happen if they continue on this path but that’s it.

I initially decided to not waste time with the update since I do not like it, but recently I had a change of heart and joined a guild owned by some of the most active members of the community. I joined this guild with one goal. To demonstrate how broken the system is. It comes to no surprise that Ravenheart defeated Shadow Creatures in a guild war. Shadow Creatures has 6-7 members, 2 of which are placed on the 3rd and 4th place when it comes to stats. None of us are anywhere near those two players stat-wise, so we pick a good time to declare war and aimed our attacks at their weaker members. We have a huge lead from that. Once their strong players, Apakoh and All_in_Ken came online to participate in the war, we run out suicide operation where we get ourselves killed to keep our HP below 75%, effectively protecting us from any attacks. I will say this again, the goal of the war is to prove how flawed the system is (the guild leader himself said that the war is declared simply to make a point). People get frustrated and started speaking in the global chat about the broken system. I participated as well despite the fact that I have decided to boycott the chat till they fix what is wrong with the place. I shared the conversation between the owners and I to show that the owners have been warned about this update long before it went live. The next thing I know, I was banned for 2 days with the reason “Staff Harassment”. No warning, nothing. Okay, I get it, you cannot handle criticism in a professional manner (not saying that I am professional in any way xD). Then 1-2 days afterwards, I was told by a friend that the ban was extended to 364 days, which made me laugh a little and made my uneventful Friday morning slightly more interesting. Then Deeds has to say the following statement in the chat after people questioned my ban:

2015-08-20 22:35:37 Deeds: Zare, if you want to be upset with anyone, it should be Kirito. You don’t know the half of it. Only what he wanted you to know.


There is only so much nonsense one can tolerate. Clearly she wants to push all the blame to me and accused me of filtering out crucial information to manipulate the people’s thoughts. Unfortunately for her, I always speak my mind and I am very straightforward with my words so I have nothing to hide. If she must accuse me of such crime, then I publicly dare (double dare) her to release all our conversation/mail exchanges from the beginning of time. You can be the judge and see if I am responsible of such shameful act. I suppose she can modify our mail history, but what can I say if she decided to do that? LOL

Deal with it

If you want to accuse someone of doing something, then you should have no problem proving it. Conversations in screenshots are read from the bottom to the top. These are not our conversation from the beginning of time, but they are relevant to this situation. Still waiting for your so called “evidence”, Deeds….

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