The timing is impeccable!

23 Aug

Hello World!

So today I received a rather interesting message from the administrator:

From: Unholy RPG
Subject: Mass mail from Administrator
Time: 2015-08-22 21:01:46
.Earlier today there was a purge of events, mails and chat logs. The purge was directed to remove the ones that were 2 weeks old or older, but somehow this failed and removed them all. If you feel you messaged someone and the message was deleted before they had a chance to read it, please message them again.

There were well over a million rows in the database (Almost 700,000 events alone) that needed to be removed because it was becoming too much information to easily back up. Again, this was not intentional and we apologize. It of course in no way affected other types of records which affect your character and other aspects of the game.

If after clicking all your visible mails and you still have a number next to your Mail link, it means a mail was inadvertently deleted that you hadn’t read or clicked to mark as read. To remove the count, you can click Clear Inbox above your messages. This will remove all mails and automatically mark any that disappeared as read, thus clearing your mail count.

I must say that the timing for clearing your message history is flawless. Well played. So from now on, you would have the excuse to not being able to provide evidence to backup your accusation about me filtering out crucial information and only telling others what I want them to know. The mail history have been accumulating for at least 5 months and you choose this time to clear it, a day or two after I call you out on your baseless accusations. Once again, congratulations, you have done well. You should be proud of yourselves! XD

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