Project Avalon progress update 31/08/2015

31 Aug

Here’s a list of items that I am currently working on:

  • Working on repeatable quests in order to improve player-NPC relationship. Relationship status will be stored in a variable for further event checks and is important for unlocking hidden quests. Quest given will be randomly assigned so that players cannot just skip the hard quests. This is 100% work in progress as I need to find a way to reset several object to their initial state.
  • Working on multiple currency system (can potentially be used) for different nation. This is an optional feature that may or may not be part of the game. If this is added, I would have to create a currency exchange center in major cities and god knows how to get it work in the rural areas. Seems like more hassle than what it is worth. Maybe I will just use the special currency for special items instead.
  • Working on custom equipment system. This system will make every piece of weapon/armor/accessory unique, each with their own random boosts. I need to check if the script is compatible with Yan’s extra parameter/dynamic stat before they will be added. Testing is scheduled for later on this week or at the end of next week. Also working on item socket system. Probably not going as far as Diablo styled equipment but still better than the default system.
  • Working on alchemist sub-class.
  • Working on day/night cycle system. 
  • Working on mining system and blacksmith sub-class.
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