Project Avalon progress update 06/09/2015

06 Sep

Hit a roadblock involving end phase triggers where the common event is not checked at the end of the battle, which means we cannot get an accurate reading on the number of mobs killed (and affects quests that require players to farm certain item from monsters). It is actually a very simple problem. We find mobs through random encounter event, and within the battle’s common event, we can set conditional statement to check if the monster’s hp is equal or less than 0% (also known as dead). If the monster’s hp is equal or less than 0%, the condition is true and we increase the kill count (for kill n amount of monster quest) by one. The problem is that when the last monster dies, the common event is not executed and we skip straight to process_victory method. So if we have a kill quest and we come across a group of 3 monsters, we can only get 2 kill credits at most, and so on. I found a solution for this but it most likely will involve a third party script. Either way, this part is temporarily put on hold so that I can work on more pressing matters.

Class system is way overdue. It should have been done a week ago but I have not received anything from Matt yet, so I am going ahead with this. With that said, a common mistake that people make is having too many classes or having classes that are very similar to each other, making it meaningless to unlock/level more classes. This also increase the amount of time needed for mindless grinding. Keeping that in mind, I narrow down the list to around 16-17 classes, including the useless Novice class at the start. Is 17 too many? Maybe. However having 17 classes in-game does not mean that players will have access to them.

class (1)

Players started off as Novice during the tutorial phase. They are given an option to pick one out of the four possible classes (warrior, acolyte, thief, archer) just before they exit the tutorial map. This is not the end as there will be more chances in the future to unlock the other three. Of course players have to seek out the appropriate NPC and toggle the appropriate trigger before they become available. However if the player missed the opportunity, it is not the end of the world. Players can continue to use whichever class they unlocked and fill the gap using companions that can be hired along the way. However not all of the companion will be available right away. Some may require players to obtain the necessary “reputation” before they will show interest or before players have access to previously blocked area(s). There will be a tutorial NPC in the first village to remind people about this. Now that we are on this issue, here’s a simple flow chart for the first village:


On the bright side, quest journal is fully functional.

Back to the topic on classes, here’s the first draft of each classes’ parameters. These parameters are subject to change since I am still working on the formula to calculate stats and stat growth.


I am following the basic RPG stereotype for most of the classes. Don’t fix it if it is not broken. However there are classes that does not follow the RPG convention, such as the archer. The archer here is a well-rounded class, the jack of all trades but master of none. Some classes’ parameter are quite extreme near the end of the tree. This is because I do not want similar character. Each class has their own job/specialty. For example: if you want a Dark Mage to tank, you will be in a world of hurt.

Warrior is a solid starting class as the monster at the start are mostly using physical attack. Warrior’s physical defense is the best out of the four starting class, so he would be a solid choice. Thief is for those who likes to live on the edge and rely on RNGsus to dodge attack and quickly finish off the enemy. Things might turn ugly in a prolonged battle. Archer and Acolyte aren’t too bad, just that the Acolyte might be a bit squishy.

I will try to see if I can limit the number of certain classes in the active party. I don’t think I want a party with a Guardian and four Dark Mages facerolling through everything.

Well, that’s all for now.

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