[Tutorial] 姫HIME’s End Phase Trigger Script

08 Sep

Some times RPG have their own unique battle system that is slightly different from what is already out there, or perhaps the game developer just wanted to help familiarize new players to their game’s battle system. We can simply program the event in the Troops page to do just that (from now on, we will refer to such event as “troops event”). There seems to be no limit to how we can customize the troops event. The only problem is that the troops event is completely ignored once the last monster is killed. This makes it impossible for developers to do things like customized item drop, or simply just to show a dialogue between the actors for the sake of roleplaying.

What is Hime’s End Phase Trigger Script?

Hime’s End Phase Trigger script checks all the troops event page when a victory/defeat condition has been met. The script allows the execution of troops event for when the last monster/the player is defeated instead of ignoring such events completely upon victory/defeat. Any event(s) that can be run during this phase will be executed before ending the battle.

How to install Hime’s End Phase Trigger Script?

All we need to do is to copy the script from Hime’s website, open the script editor (F11) and insert it under the “▼ Materials section” and above the “▼ Main Process section”. That’s all you need to do. Refer to the screenshots below if you are new to adding custom scripts.


Step 1: Click on Tools, and then click on Script Editor


Step 2: Scroll all the way down to the Materials section, right click on an existing script and then click on Insert

Step 3: Right click on the text area and select

Step 3: Right click on the text area and select “Paste”.


Step 4: Name the script in a way that makes it easy to identify

That’s all there is to it. Just a simple plug-and-play script.

What can I do now that I have installed the script?

Example 1 — Simple Quest:

Let’s say that we want to create a quest where we ask players to slay 3 Dragons and assuming that the only way we will come across these Dragons are through the random encounter event in the map. In order to do this, we need to program the troop event page (F9 > “Troops” tab) to check if the Dragon is slain, and then increase the kill count by 1. Assuming that we already have a troop that consists of two Dragons, what we need to do next is to check if the Dragon is slain (check if each dragons’ HP is at 0% or less). If the Dragon has 0% or less than 0% HP, we will increase the variable “Dragon Kill Count” by 1.

2Simple enough. So far we have only checked if Dragon #1 is dead. Now we need to do the same for Dragon #2, so we will click on the “New Event Page” button in order to create a second event page. Once we have created the second event page, we will be doing the same thing as we did in page 1–check to see if Dragon #2 is at 0% HP or less. If Dragon #2’s HP is equal to or less than 0%, then increase the Dragon Kill Count variable by 1.



Normally this does not work because the troops event are completely ignored once the last monster is dead. However with Hime’s script installed, you have nothing to worry about. Just do the same for Dragon #2’s event and you are done. So whenever you kill a dragon, you will definitely get that +1 Kill credit.

Example #2 — Prevents player from getting killed:

Let’s say that you don’t want to get the player killed in certain battles. All we need to do is to check if the player’s health is at 0% or below (you can set it as any value between 1-100% instead of 0%) and then use the Recover all method to restore player’s health.

Normally this does not work if your HP reaches 0% or lower. You will be taken straight to the game over screen and your game will end. Now that you have Hime’s script installed, the troops event will continue to process before a winner is determined, and the recover all method will heal your actor back to full health and the battle continues on.

There are endless other possibilities about what you can achieve with this script.

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