[Tutorial] 姫HIME’s Large Choices

11 Sep

Ever come across a situation where you want to display more than 4 choices in the selection screen? Maybe you want to create an NPC with a list of weapons that the player can choose from. Or maybe you want to create an elaborate character creation page with multiple options that the player can choose from to determine his starting stats. The default show choices is adequate if you have few options to pick from, but if the list gets longer, the process starts to get a little tedious.

What is Hime’s Large Choices script?

It is a script that allows you to present more than four choices that the players can choose from through the use of the “Show Choice” command. Once the script is added, you can stack multiple “Show Choices” commands together without the need to use nested “Show Choices” to display a large list of options.

For me, it provides a better view of all my available options instead of having to repeatedly browse the choice selection page.

How to install Hime’s Large Choices Script?

All we need to do is to obtain the script from Hime’s website, open the script editor (F11) and insert it under the “▼ Materials section” and above the “▼ Main Process section”. That’s all for the installation process. Refer to this post about how to install scripts if you are new to RPGMaker VX Ace. Although the link takes you to a post for a different script, the installation process is the same.

Do I need to do anything special for “Show Choices” event where there are fewer than 4 options?

No. Just do what you normally do with the “Show Choices” command.

Do I need to do anything special with a long list?

Maybe. Please read through this section very carefully.

This depends on a few conditions:

  1. Your game’s resolution size.
  2. The length of your list

If you are using the default resolution (544×416), you can display up to 12 options.
If you set the game’s resolution to 640×480 using Yanfly’s Ace Core Engine installed, you can display up to 14 options.

For such long lists, you can either break the list down into something shorter and use designate an option as “More” to display the second page. Or you can install an additional script written by Enelvon, which allows you to scroll through your list using the up/down directional keys (click here for the script, and click here for their terms of use).

Remember to disallow cancel for all except the last Show Choice command. Only the last cancel option will be executed in the event where the player cancels.

Is there a manual override feature if you do not wish to combine the choice list for the entire game?

Yes. Please follow the following procedure:

Step 2: Look for Hime’s Large Choices script that you added earlier.

Step 3: Look for “Manual_Combine = false” under the “Configuration” section (line 70)

Whenever you need to combine your list, all you need to do is to include the Script command and type in “combine_choices”. Every list under the “combine_choices” command will be combined. You will need to specify “combine_choices” again in a new event page.


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