Project Avalon progress update 14/09/2015

14 Sep

Mmmmm roadblocks… delightful

Let’s start off with something positive:

  • Alchemy Synthesis System seems to be running perfectly. Now players will be able to create item/weapon/potion as long as they have the recipe.
  • Active time battle (ATB) system is up and running. No more silly turn based combat. Now if you snooze, expect yourself to be in a world of pain. ATB system paired with enemy at +/- your highest character’s level means that you will die if you walk away from your keyboard. You’re going to die and you will die. 🙂
  • Mining system is under development. You will be able to obtain minerals needed to assemble certain weapon. Not entirely sure how big this will get or if it is even going to play a major part, but it is still good to have in reserve in case something changes in the future.
  • Herbology/Farming system is under development. This allows player to plant seeds at certain places. These seeds will grow into plants which the players can harvest for herbs and other ingredients needed for alchemy and potion making.
  • Monster Encyclopedia is a go. It will display the information on monsters that the player defeated in the past, including the stats, drops, etc. The stat displayed will be the monster stats at level 1.
  • Clock System is added and is working perfectly. It will apply a tint to all the outdoor areas at night time.

Now let’s talk about the roadblock/deadend… <insert state: despair>

Here are some facts to consider about the game:

  1. The monsters levels are around 3 levels above or 3 levels below the player’s level.
  2. Player can unlock new classes provided that they are able to find/unlock hidden triggers.
  3. New classes start off at level 1.
  4. ATB bars refill according to character’s AGI and party’s average_AGI

Theoretically everything should be fine and dandy, but when I look through the YSA script about the formula for ATB recovery rate, something occurs to me that could potentially be problematic.

If the MAX_CATB_VALUE = 10000 and DEFAULT_FILL_TIME = 120
base_gain_catb = 10000 / 120 = 83.33

Assuming that the party consists of:
– a level 60 with 180 AGI
– a level 57 with 150 AGI
– a level 1 with 6 AGI

The party’s average AGI = 112, because ((180 + 150 + 6) / 3) = 112.
For the level 60, real_gain_catb = (180 / 112) * 83.33 = 133.93
For the level 60, real_gain_catb = (150 / 112) * 83.33 = 111.61
For the level 1, real_gain_catb = (6 / 112) * 83.33 = 4.46

Which means that the level 1’s ATB bar is probably never going to be filled in a battle. I suppose it will be fine in terms of realism. It is like taking on a beginner fighter to fight a battle against experienced opponent, the newbie won’t have a good time.

Working on a solution for this, such as “training tickets” obtained from bosses that players can use to exchange for EXP. Or we can just leave things as it is. Either way, I am still looking  for a better solution since EXP scrolls seems like a cheap solution.

Other things to do includes:

  • Re-positioning the character sprites in battle scene
  • Unique equipment system.
  • Gem socket system. I have completed the icons for the gems, but that’s all for now. I am thinking of referring to these gems as “orbs”, and they come in three different qualities; flawed, normal and legendary.

    The 6 orbs at the end are just there in case they are needed

  • Experiment with Hime’s Choice Option script
  • Experiment with Hime’s Random Encounter script for world bosses that player can unlock by accomplishing certain event/quest. For those who played Pokemon in the past, it is something similar to Entei, Suicune and Raikou, but here’s the catch:
    • You cannot tame/capture world bosses (or any other NPCs or monsters).
    • You cannot track their location, although you will be given a hint as to where they might appear.
    • You have multiple chances of encountering them in case you decides to escape your first encounter. Personally I would like to make it so that you cannot escape from world boss fights).
    • Once the boss dies, it is game over for the boss. You will not be able to find it again. There might even be triggers that will unlock more hidden features for NPCs associated with the boss.
    • Bosses are guaranteed to drop a good amount of EXP and good equipment with bonus stats. Still trying to decide on what kind of bonus stats are allowed for these exceptional equipment. They should not upset the balance of the game, but they should definitely make your life somewhat easier.

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4 responses to “Project Avalon progress update 14/09/2015

  1. HimeWorks (@HimeWorks)

    September 18, 2015 at 6:43 am

    The socket system sounds interesting. Looking forward to how it will be implemented.


    • Sinweaver

      September 18, 2015 at 7:30 am

      Tidlock seems to have an interesting script for this, but to be honest, I have some doubts about whether or not this is going to work since I am already running with 34 scripts under the material section now.

      When the number of scripts you use gets very large, the chances that something might break increases too…


      • HimeWorks (@HimeWorks)

        September 24, 2015 at 2:35 am

        That’s true. However if you’re using scripts that can be implemented in ways that do not “conflict” with other scripts as much, then you should be safe.

        For perspective, some people have over 100 scripts in their projects and they work fine.


      • Sinweaver

        September 24, 2015 at 8:15 am

        Hmmm… I see.
        I will hold onto this idea for now then. It seems like I have a lot on my plate for this week’s work. Trying to edit the script for the skill tree chewed up a lot of time already.



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