Project Avalon progress update 20/09/2015

20 Sep

Here we are again. It has been a very exciting week with many trial runs with plenty of successes and some failures. Some ideas are scrapped and some have been and some have been modified to fit the most recent updates to the game.

List of updates:

  • Class/Subclass system revised
  • Battler position is now fixed.
    Instead of re-positioning the battler sprites, I am making the battlefield wider by shifting the background image upwards.
  • Reputation system is up and running. 
    Paired with Hime’s Choice option, reputation shop and hidden quests can be implemented easily without too many conditional checks.
  • Unique equipment system is up and running. 
    Equipment will come with prefix or suffix to indicate what kind of bonus that comes with the equipment thanks to Vlue. This will replace the socket system as well.
  • Trade Post system is introduced. 
    Vlue’s trade post script. Gold can be a frustrating thing to farm because I made it so that only human and demi-human enemies will drop gold. Trade Post will buy/sell anything ranging from materials, monster drops and equipment. I have also included a local specialty item which will cost more, but will also fetch a higher price if you sell them in another village/town.
  • Mining/gathering Node system have been added. 
    Vlue’s Gathering node script. Mineral nodes will spawn at certain places and players will be able to gather materials from them if they have the right tools. These nodes will disappear after being mined/gathered, and they will respawn after a period of time. I am tempted to add fishing as well but I do not see the point in doing that.
  • Skill tree system is … 
    At this point,we can add points and learn the appropriate skill once they are unlocked, however the points distributed will reset whenever the player changes class. If there is no way for us to keep our skill tree whenever we change class, then I will probably stick to the current skill system where we use JP (Job Points) to unlock skills.
  • Gem socket idea is scrapped and replaced with a simple equipment randomization. 

Class/Subclass System

First of all, the class system. At first I was planning to make it so that none of the classes, except for the Novice class, which is basically useless, can be equipped as subclass. I am trying to prevent players from combining some of the end game classes together to create an unbeatable party. The Guardian is stood at the first place in terms of Hit Points and Defense, and if the players combines this class with the Hierophant, they can effectively have a pretty godlike character. That combination will result in a class that has ultra high HP, decent MP, high DEF, good MDEF, and the player will have access to all Guardian and Hierophant skills, which includes heals and absolute defense. To put things into perspective, refer to the images below and compare the chart with all the other classes.

Guardian + Hierophant combo. The yellow bars indicates the increase in stats in each aspect.

Previous solution:

My original solution is to disable the option to equip a second combat class altogether. Then I will add negative stat bonus on certain equipment (i.e. plate armor comes with negative MDEF stats) to place more handicap. That way I can tune up the difficulty of battles and reduce the number of skills that players might regard as “useless”, such as +MDEF buffs. This is following the RPG101 logic “no matter how creative or innovative a skill is, no one will use it if it they think that it is useless”. Subclass will be limited to crafting classes and equipment modification will be done through the use of orbs.

Current solution:

Equipping crafting classes seems rather pointless and silly. Players receive next to no bonus from doing so, except for the fact that they can craft potions and equipment. Back to RPG101 theory. Who will use such a useless system? No one. Therefore the idea of equipping combat classes as player’s subclass is back on the table. However restrictions will be placed.

This is the new skill tree:

Anything in blue are considered end game classes and they will be restricted to players’ primary class slot. No more Guardian + Hierophant or anything ridiculous like that. The last tier of classes meant to be a specialization anyways. Specialization should be achieved through a long period of training, therefore not only that it is potentially game-breaking, it is also not realistic. While we are at it, I might have to buff up the Gladiator a bit so that is on par with the other 3rd tier classes (the level required to unlock the Berserker class will be raised too). I am also renaming the Gladiator class as Berserker, which will specialize in 2-handed weapons such as the great sword, spears and great axe.

The orb idea is temporarily scrapped and will be replaced with randomized equipment instead. I will get into this later. Alchemy and blacksmith are still going to happen. The only difference is that they now fall under crafting skills category.

Battler position

Now the fifth battler will not end up in a position that made it look like him/her is standing on the wall. Just a minor shift in the y-coordinates and the rest are done by shifting the battle background upwards a little to widen the battlefield. Might need to shift the battler down 5-10 more pixels if the current setting starts to bother me.

Reputation system

Not sure if I mentioned this before but it is finally fully integrated to my main project. I had some weird errors before this because I was missing a double quotation mark during script call.

Together with Hime’s Choice Option script, I can now combine all my show choice commands together and hide/disable the ones that the player have no access to due to the lack of reputation points. Wonderful script indeed.

Unique equipment system

I am sure people have come across this in other games where some equipment come with certain suffixes/prefixes to indicate different bonus. Vampire suffix usually means that the item has life-steal bonus or something like that.

One example to demonstrate that the custom bonus from the equipment adding to the character’s parameter:

Items with the suffix “… of Invincibility” comes with bonus +500 DEF and +500 MDEF. In this picture, I have 219 DEF and 151 MDEF.

After I equipped an armor with the suffix “… of Invincibility”, my DEF jumps from +219 to +759 (+500 DEF from bonus and +40 DEF from the default armor bonus). My MDEF jumps from +151 to +651.

I feel that this system is sufficient to replace the orb socket system, therefore the orb socket system is scrapped.

Trade Post

Running low on gold to buy/craft items and equipment? Monsters not dropping enough gold? You can now do “trade runs” between towns for gold! Buying items from one place and hope that you can sell it for higher at another place. The profit margin from doing so with regular items and ingredients might be a little low, but if you have enough reputation points, the locals might be willing to sell you their local specialty goods that you can sell for some nice profit in the next village. The prices will randomly rise/drop. You wont be able to cheat by buying and selling to the same traders because the buyback price is only 90% of the original price.

Here’s the prices taken from 2 different NPCs:

Mining/gathering Node

Now mining nodes and herbs will disappear and then reappear after a certain amount of time has passed. This is mainly for the blacksmith/armorsmith skill.

Skill Tree

If I can get the skill tree to save and not reset whenever I change class, this system will probably replace the current system where we learn skill by spending JP/EXP/Gold. We can achieve something like the talent tree in the World of Warcraft with this system. I see a lot of potential and this will make each classes more versatile. Maybe you want a Berserker class that focus more on delivering constant high-powered attack instead of relying on critical strike rate? Maybe you want a Ninja that deals magic damage? Who knows… I don’t know either. I have not even finish with building each class’ skill set yet.

Other things to do includes:

  • Advanced weather system. Mainly to give more flavor to the game. Together with the Advanced Time System are written by Vlue.
  • Advanced time system to replace the current simple time system. We will have days, months, and year instead of just time. This will open up possibilities such as hidden areas that the player might overlook because there is a river preventing them from exploring that corner of the map. This can probably go nicely with Hime’s tile swap script.
  • Visibility range for when players explore caves.
  • A better map system with markers to indicate location of places. Right now all I have is a common event that display the picture of the map.
  • Pet/Guardian summon system. This is mostly for the Archer and Hunter class to give them that extra firepower.
  • Skill tree system… I must have this! >.<“

One a side note… If anyone knows who created this sprite, I would very much appreciate it if you can let me know. Thanks.

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