Project Avalon progress update 30/09/2015

30 Sep

It has been a buzy and not-very-productive week. Editing tileset to improve the looks of the terrain is slowly but surely numbing my mind and killing me a little inside. But progress is needed if I am going to produce something.

My to-do list from last Sunday:

  • Advanced weather system…  did not get very far at all with this. 
  • Advanced time system is up and running. 
    I can now set up shop’s and places’ “operating hour”. You won’t be able to access certain places in the middle of the night. I am tempted to include a “tent” or “turn in for the night” feature so that players can skip ahead to the morning. I need to put some thoughts into this camping idea, since I am not really a big fan of it. I just do not like it when the players can just skip night time whenever they feel like it. I wouldn’t mind letting people do so at the inn though. It will count as “staying over for the night” kind of feature.
  • A better map system with markers to indicate location of places. 
    I have tested this and seems like it will be fine. I just need a better world map because the current image that I have is way too big. Plus the world map depends on how big is the world I am creating, as well as how many zones will be included.
  • Pet/Guardian summon system. I hit a roadblock on this… 
  • Skill tree system is 100% up and running now. 
    Thanks to Tsukihime’s add-on, we can now change class without having to worry about our skill tree getting reset. Players will not be able to manually reset their skill tree. It has to be done through a special NPC that I will put in the map. Now that we are on this topic, I just remembered that I have to deal with quite an unhealthy amount of mathematic to work out how each of the primary stats (HP, MP, ATK, DEF, MATK, MDEF, AGI, and LUK) will affect the secondary stats (Hit rate, Crit. rate, Crit, eva, etc… I am thinking of giving some sort of regenerating passives, but I think it would be better if I do it through passive skills instead, or else how am I supposed to restrict it to the tanking classes only?)
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