Project Avalon progress update 08/10/2015

08 Oct

Working with scripts just took a nose dive. Yanfly’s Lunatic State seems pretty awesome and seems like I can cover at least 80% of the skills that applies a state (i.e. poison, paralyze, etc.) but I am absolutely lost about how to properly use it and come up with scripts for the states that I need. Now that we are talking about skills, I feel that this is a good time to take a short vacation from dealing with scripts and look into another important issue.

What is the point of having 18 different classes if they are going to be pretty much the same? Well arguably the classes fall into 4+ tiers, where each tier is stronger than the previous tier, but that does not make it any better. It just makes life a little easier due to higher stats and better specialization. I want each every class to be different, to be unique and has its own specialization. I want players to think about the choices they are about to make when they want to use a rare item to unlock one of the four primary classes.

Some of the things I mentioned above are somewhat loosely defined because there are only so many options to choose from and I am bound to end up with some classes that work in similar ways. Just thought that I should be clear on that.

Since it is approaching the end of the semester at the university, and I got sidetracked by a Korean variety show, I am not making as much progress as I previously did.

Well, let’s get started. This is how the classes are distributed according to their tier:

Tier 1 is the starting class, Novice. This tier is basically useless and has absolutely no stat growth. You can call this a placeholder. I was going to set the initial class as warrior and let player choose what they want to be, but Yanfly class script does not allow us to “forget” classes. Once you have it, you cannot remove it. This will will be unfair to those who wanted to start off as warrior because they will only have access to one class, unlike the other three who have access to the class they chose AND the warrior class.

Tier 2 is also the starter class. You get to pick one for free at the start. After that you will need to find the rare “class change crystal” in order to learn another starting class. Tier 2 classes includes the warrior, the acolyte, the thief and the archer.

  1. Warrior is the generic class you will find in every game. They have access to heavy armor with highest physical defense. The warrior class comes with two specialization trees, also known as the talent trees, Arms and Protection. The Arms tree is for people who focuses on aggressive play style instead of trying to improve survivability. They rely on strength  to deliver consistent and stable damage. They are lacking in speed, critical strike rating, and crowd control ability. Their skills are mostly single targeted skill, and some of them have slight chance to stun their opponent. The Protection tree focus on the party’s survivability. They can boost their HP and defense through passive abilities, draws enemy’s attention with taunts, limited spell reflect and even take damage in the place of a party member. Their offensive abilities are somewhat limited since that is not their goal.
  2. Acolyte is a magic user with two talent trees, support and destruction. The support tree focused on healing and debuff removal, while the destruction tree is focused on taking the enemy down. If you are to compare the two classes, the support tree is similar to a weak mage with healing abilities while the destruction tree is a stronger version of the support tree, but without the healing/debuff removal skills.
  3. Thief class comes with two trees, subtlety and combat. Subtlety itself is focused on harassing and wearing the enemy down, so you’d expect a lot of damage overtime, crowd control, and debuffs (i.e. lower defense), and combat is focused on CRIT, EVA. If you compare the two trees, subtlety appears to be a weak and harmless version thief, which can quickly become a nightmare in a prolonged battle, while the combat tree focused on blitzing the enemy down ASAP.
  4. Archer class is one of those class with only a single tree, archery (surprise surprise… says no one ever). There are some skills that allows you to summon animal companion to aid you in battle, but most of the skills are single target skills some of which may apply debuff such as weak poison or temporary paralysis.

Tier 3 has more specialized class, each requires you to reach certain level in one or more tier 2 class before you can unlock them. Tier 3 classes includes: Assassin, Knight, Priest, Mage, Hunter. Berserker is stuck in between tier 3 and 4, so it is sitting in the middle as a tier 3.5 class.

  1. Assassin class comes with two trees,shadowmaster and poisonmaster. Shadowmaster’s purpose is complete dominance over a single enemy, effectively keep them out of the battle while the rest of the party finish off the other enemies. Poisonmaster deals with poisoning and weakening the enemies, making them more vulnerable to attacks.
  2. Knight class comes with two trees, magic and protection, both are focused on protecting allies in their own ways. Magic Knight is more capable defender in battles involving enemies that deals magic damage, while the protection knight is more capable dealing with physical attack enemies.
  3. Priest class is divided into holy and shadow priest. Holy priest is the primary healing class with solid single target heals and some AOE healing capability. They are able to remove some ailment such as poison, confusion, blindness, stuns, etc. but they are limited in what they can do to curses. Shadow priest are not as capable as the holy priest in healing, they are more capable at dealing damage and deal with curses. They are more of a damage dealer / support healing type class.
  4. Mage class comes with two trees, fire and frost, but the names can be misleading. Fire mage deals with fire and lightning element attacks, while the frost mage deals with ice and water element attacks. Fire mage’s purpose is to burn and then take down the enemies, and they are vulnerable without support. Frost mage has higher survival rate due to better crowd control abilities such as freeze or temporary invulnerability so that their allies can heal them up at critical moments.
  5. Hunter class is divided into the huntress and the magehunter. Huntress is focused on identifying the enemies’ weakness and eliminates them, suitable for fighting enemies with high physical defense. Magehunter, as the name says, depletes the opponent’s MP and destroy them. A mage with no MP is as good as a dead mage.
  6. Berserker is a tricky one. I couldn’t decide whether it is a tier 3 or a tier 4 class. The 2 talent trees available for Berserker are brutality and devastation. Brutality is the somewhat sadist side of a Berserker, and mainly aimed to cause pain and agony before sending the victim to meet their maker. Devastation deals with dishing out devastating attacks one after another and you can enhance it further at the cost of your HP.

Tier 4 is the final tier with improved specialization and better stats. Tier 4 classes includes: Samurai, Guardian, Paladin, Hierophant, Archmage, Dark Mage and Ninja:

  1. Samurai, historically, are proficient with both the katana and the bow (the yumi), so the Samurai class comes with two talent trees, the Kyujitsu and the Bushido. Kyujitsu is the art of archery and Bushido is the way of the warrior. It is best to not mix the two classes as the skills require the user to have certain type of weapon equipped (bow or katana). Since there are no archer class in the final tier, the Kyujitsu tree inherits some of the archer abilities, while the Bushido tree mix their deadly physical attacks with some elemental damage to deliver deadlier attacks. The debuff they can apply to the enemies include bleed, ailment guard down, some weak poison and some form of temporary paralysis.
  2. Guardian is the ultimate tanking class, and is very similar with the knight except that they can do it better. Their two talent trees deals with either magical damage or physical damage. Both trees offers little to improve their damage output but each of them provides better protection in certain situation. The debuff they can apply to the enemies include reduced attack power, stun and they can provoke the enemies into targeting themself instead of other party members. They also have access to counterattacks and have their own improved HP regeneration.
  3. Paladin class (a mix of the knight and the priest class) comes with two talent trees, holy and retribution. Holy Paladins are focused on healing and provide support, much in the same way as a priest, but has better survivability at the expense of healing power, while the retribution Paladin are focused on dealing damage (both physical and magical). They might come in handy when dealing with demons and undead type enemies. The debuff they can apply to the enemies include blindness and stun.
  4. Hierophant class is the ultimate healing class that is capable of both single target and party heals. They are also better at dealing with debuffs and able to do area of effect dispells. They can also help with buffs the improves regeneration, reducing MP cost.
  5. Archmage class is the master of all elements (except for dark and holy). This class only has 1 talent tree but requires more points spent to be more proficient in a certain element. Their talent skill has more levels compared to the other classes and each level is stronger than the level before it. The debuff they can apply to the enemies include burn, freeze, paralysis, silence.
  6. Dark Mage class could be compared to the Warlock class in other games. They deal with dark elemental magic and curses. They can also tap into their own life force in order to increase the potency of their spells. The debuff they can apply to the enemies include sleep, confusion, blindness, death, silence. Other curses includes attack power and defense reduction.
  7. Ninja class is similar to rogue class, but it is just a maybe as of this point. I am not entirely convinced that we even need this class.

I made a mistake of trying to come up with skill trees before I fully finalize the purpose of each class. This will serve as a guide for when I start working with skills once again. I am going to take a 2 week break because I have a final database project that is due on the 23rd (the same day as when they release RPGmaker MV). I can also use this chance to take a break and contact a few scripters regarding some specific problem, which I will deal with when I am done with my university project.

Some of the things I am planning to tackle when I am back includes:

  • Guardian system
  • Lunatic States (+ the addons)
  • Advanced weather effect

Seems like a short list, but I prefer setting realistic goals…

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