Project Avalon progress update 09/10/2015

09 Oct

Just a mini update since I can hardly contain my excitement.

Pet summon is finally working… well arguably it is working, but it does not like Yami’s classical ATB battle system at all. Seems like this is a common occurrence as a spell that is supposed to apply damage overtime debuff on the enemy based on the caster’s stats does not like the ATB battle system as well. I can apply the debuff but it does not inflict any damage on the opponent’s HP. Funny thing is that other spell that applies damage overtime debuff on the enemy works fine. Makes me want to flip all the tables. Attempted to consult Yami to find out what might be the problem, but I don’t think I will be hearing from him in a hurry. Pretty sure he won’t even read the message anyways.

Chances are that I might get rid of the ATB battle system altogether. As much as a shame as it is, the ATB battle system is causing me just as much pain as the amount of joy. It is nice to have fast paced battle where the players are challenged to devise a strategy and enter their command as soon as possible in order to take less damage, however I can’t afford to have a game that crashes because things are getting too hectic, nor can I afford to have a questionable script that breaks other potentially interesting function.

Enough grumbling, let’s get to the good stuff.

As you can see, I was able to summon a fire demon AND a wolf warrior behind my actor, and they will behave like an extra party member. Another nice thing is that the summons will level up together with the caster, so you dont have to worry about leveling them up separately.

However there is also a problem. We can repeatedly summon the same guardian (actor) when the limit on the number of creature we can have is set to 3. So if I use “Summon Efreet twice”, I will see 2 Efreets in the list of battler, which is something I do not want. The fact that they behave independently and have separate HP bar does not make it any more appealing. So the maximum summon allowed is reduced to 1. On the plus side, the battlefield won’t be as cluttered. Other actors that has the same summoning skill can still summon a second Efreet to the battlefield though. This is not a problem as I already have a solution in place.

This is what it looked like when the three battlers at the bottom each has a summon out. If it is already this cluttered with 1 creature summoned, what would happen if the limit is set to 3? Nope. Do not want.

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