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Project Avalon progress update 31/12/2015

Looks like it is the last day of the year, happy new year to everyone!

We took in a good number of talented individuals to help with the dialogue and story. No progress yet as of this point. I let people off for Christmas and New Year holiday. There are quite a lot of progress on the mapping side though. The starting town, Sheffield, is pretty much complete.

I am planning to start the game with a series of concept art image of some form to provide the players with some background information. Then there is a cutscene at the starting area, the Woodcarver Tavern, where the player will be given more information about what they are supposed to do. We will put the player through a tutorial battle before they leave the tavern and enters Sheffield. The road to the east towards Eastcliff and Everwinter will be blocked off by a guard. The road south towards Austera will be closed as well. I am thinking of using Lisbeth to prevent players from travelling southwards by reminding them to stay focused on their task at hand.

Sheffield is a very small village. Maybe not less of a village and more of a pit stop for travelers traveling through the woods. It has a general store for traveling supplies and the most important building is the tavern, the Woodcarver, where travelers can stop there for a bite to eat and a room to spend the night in. The rest are simply residential building, a small farm, and a stable.

I have hosted the game on my google drive for the project members to try it out.

Here’s a sample map for the starting village, Sheffield:



Progress will resume after New Year 2016. Or maybe a day or two after that.

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Project Avalon progress update 18/12/2015

Can’t wait for TherainED for the story anymore. He never deliver despite all the promises and I have been super generous with the waiting time.

Project recruitment thread is up, and we have a few individuals expressing interest in helping with the project. Zortik, despite his shortage of time, has been kind enough to help with the story. What he did on one day is more than what TherainED did in 2 months.

The starting map, the Woodcarver Tavern, has been remade on RMMV and is fully parallaxed. Lighting effect is complete as well. Of course this is not 100% necessary, but it does let me get around the way certain thing works. For example:


The above is the default look, the bottom is the way the character look while walking around in my parallaxed map.

Compiled a list of plugins to be used as well. Mostly Yanfly and Tsukihime’s plugins, but there are also Orange’s Lighting and time plugin and Kaus overlay map. They total count is approximately 40-50 plugins.

Now that we got the wheel spinning once again, weekly report shall continue once again.


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Project Avalon progress update 04/12/2015

While waiting for ED to finish the story, I explored the art side of game making. By helping out with various project and answering various resource requests, my MV resource thread has grown quite a fair bit compared to what was there a month ago. I also received a few paid commissions as well.

Currently working on battler creation that will go into Project Avalon. I had a decent start with my dragon(?)..ish creation. Not exactly sure what it is but I set off with a dragon in mind.


The pay from my commissioned work allows me to take an online digital art course as well, which totally provided me with loads of insight for future designs. Totally well worth it!

Gonna continue with commissioned works and start providing battler images for paying customers as well. If I can animate them, that will earn me quite a neat sum which can be used to invest in my own game. A win-win scenario.