Project Avalon progress update 18/12/2015

18 Dec

Can’t wait for TherainED for the story anymore. He never deliver despite all the promises and I have been super generous with the waiting time.

Project recruitment thread is up, and we have a few individuals expressing interest in helping with the project. Zortik, despite his shortage of time, has been kind enough to help with the story. What he did on one day is more than what TherainED did in 2 months.

The starting map, the Woodcarver Tavern, has been remade on RMMV and is fully parallaxed. Lighting effect is complete as well. Of course this is not 100% necessary, but it does let me get around the way certain thing works. For example:


The above is the default look, the bottom is the way the character look while walking around in my parallaxed map.

Compiled a list of plugins to be used as well. Mostly Yanfly and Tsukihime’s plugins, but there are also Orange’s Lighting and time plugin and Kaus overlay map. They total count is approximately 40-50 plugins.

Now that we got the wheel spinning once again, weekly report shall continue once again.


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