Project Avalon progress update 31/12/2015

31 Dec

Looks like it is the last day of the year, happy new year to everyone!

We took in a good number of talented individuals to help with the dialogue and story. No progress yet as of this point. I let people off for Christmas and New Year holiday. There are quite a lot of progress on the mapping side though. The starting town, Sheffield, is pretty much complete.

I am planning to start the game with a series of concept art image of some form to provide the players with some background information. Then there is a cutscene at the starting area, the Woodcarver Tavern, where the player will be given more information about what they are supposed to do. We will put the player through a tutorial battle before they leave the tavern and enters Sheffield. The road to the east towards Eastcliff and Everwinter will be blocked off by a guard. The road south towards Austera will be closed as well. I am thinking of using Lisbeth to prevent players from travelling southwards by reminding them to stay focused on their task at hand.

Sheffield is a very small village. Maybe not less of a village and more of a pit stop for travelers traveling through the woods. It has a general store for traveling supplies and the most important building is the tavern, the Woodcarver, where travelers can stop there for a bite to eat and a room to spend the night in. The rest are simply residential building, a small farm, and a stable.

I have hosted the game on my google drive for the project members to try it out.

Here’s a sample map for the starting village, Sheffield:



Progress will resume after New Year 2016. Or maybe a day or two after that.

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