Chronicles of Avalon progress update 1/24/2016

24 Jan

Things are a little school since school have started for some people, but progress is still being made. Assigned some tasks for team members to be completed by the end of January, which should take us up to the second village.

Part of the task I set for myself was to properly define the story since the writers need some more details about the character background and events prior to the game. So that’s done and the details have been shared with the group as well as the editors.

Since the world is pretty big and only part of it is accessible in the current installment, I have also defined the playable area. This was defined initially, but it lacked details. For example the forest is just trees everywhere without any sign of change in elevation and whatnot. The third zone, Faldrassil and the headquarter of the Guardians of Avalon is just a giant tree, etc. etc.


Main areas includes:

  1. Sheffield, the starting zone, the stop station for adventurers going through the woods.
  2. Lyre, a small village deep within the woods. Initially it was another rest stop, but it grew to become a small village overtime.
  3. Arum, the home of the elves, the protector of nature and the world tree, Faldrassil. It is built around the base of the world tree. Also the base for the Guardians of Avalon faction.
  4. Verdigris Ruins, an ancient elven ruins that have been abandoned for centuries. It is mostly forgotten by many.



Not much is planned for this yet, but they will definitely be there and they are completely optional. Some are for the usual EXP/gold/gears, some are part of side quests, and some are for both.

  1. Stormcrow camp, the last known whereabouts of a group of bandits that often rob travelers and attacked caravans.
  2. Wyrmrest Mountain, it was rumored to be the final resting place of a mighty ancient dragon. Rumor has it that this is also the place where the dragon kept it’s wealth.
  3. Faldrassil, a one-time dungeon as part of the main quest to eliminate mutated wildlife and other things. This is still under planning, so I am not sure if this is going to actually become a dungeon or simply a scripted event.


I have also been reading up on in-game mechanics, hopefully I can put what I read into good use and make something more than the average RPGmaker game.

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