Time passes…

10 Oct

Well, it looks like we almost went around the 4 seasons without realizing. The progress have been rather disappointing and I have yet to find reliable team members to collaborate with. There were instances where I have confident that I have found the right person for the job, however none of them have the tenacity to last long enough to see it through. Despite all that happened, I am not putting the blame on anyone since it is all volunteer work. People have bills to pay and mouths to feed. This has also been a learning experience for me on project management and game development, and I will strive to better myself.

While nothing is happening on the other departments (media, story, mapping), I have made a lot of breakthrough in terms of class design and mechanics, all thanks to someone who is not even part of the team. Sad as it may sound, but beggar can’t be chooser. When life gives you a lemon, don’t just make any average lemonade. Put in effort, time, and passion to make the best lemonade ever. I mustered up every drop of courage and seek out advice from… let’s just refer to him as J for now. Out of over hundred people, I have singled out a handful whom I feel like they have some of the brightest mind around, and J is one of them. The things he said have always made me think outside the box and I often find myself considering things that I may have overlooked when it comes to game design.

I have to muster up more courage to press the “send” button after writing my initial message. A few days went by without response despite having read the message, but I refused to give in. After all I am the one seeking his help, I should be more patient. If he is willing to, he has to spend his own free time and energy on something which may or may not benefit him in any way. Thankfully he agreed to share his opinion and provide recommendations. This is perhaps around 1-3 months ago and we have been exchanging mails since then. Looking back through the history, I couldn’t help but feel proud and impressed at the walls upon walls of texts and the progress we made through simple mail exchange. There are no words to describe my gratitude for what J had done for a complete stranger.

As of today, October 10 2016, we have almost finished with all the playable classes. There are still round 1-3 that needs the finishing touch, but it is time to wrap things up for the main classes. What I can see happening next is ironing out the formulas and stats. It is probably around the time when I make another push on recruitment. This time I will adopt a more hands-on approach and make sure I keep a close watch on everybody and demand constant communication. I must admit that I am still somewhat skeptical as to the level of commitment I can expect from volunteers, but I can only do so much without crossing that boundary on what I should and should not do. In the end, this is my project, no one will do it if I don’t.


Wake up, Vince. You have to learn to be versatile so that you don’t have to rely on others. Time to master Yanfly’s plugins and brush up on some JavaScript. Even if I am the only one left, I will see to it that I finish this project.


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