Q: What is Project Avalon?

A: It is an RPG that I am working on. As of this point, the game will be an offline RPG that might remind people of the good old Final Fantasy game, but I want to do more than just provide the players with a copy of something that already exist. I want to make something exciting, something fun, something you would want to play again and something that you would want to see a “part 2” for.

As the story itself is pretty big, I am planning on breaking it down into smaller games. Chronicles of Avalon: Shadows of Austera is the first game in a series of games.

Q: Are you actually going to name the final product Project Avalon?

A: I don’t know. I have no come up with an official name yet and it is not on top of my priority list. I only called it Project Avalon because Avalon is the name of the continent where the story takes place.

Q: How big is the game and how many hours of gameplay do we have in mind?

A: As I said before, the story is presented in multiple games.  Chronicles of Avalon: Shadows of Austera is aimed at providing 6-10 hours of gameplay. The other series’s game time is probably going to be just as long.

Q: What is the grand vision (if there is one)?

A: As I have said before, we want to provide player with a new and challenging experience. We want to make sure that the game is not a cakewalk where you can faceroll through your every encounter. We also want it to be exciting instead of the usual linear gameplay. In order to achieve that, the monster difficulty will scale up according to the party level. Hopefully most of the fight will leave player with the fear that the next battle might be their last battle and be alert at all times. There will be save points in the game and players have to interact with the crystal in order to save their progress. Dying means it is game over and players have to continue from where they left off in the previous save point.

Q: Are you looking for extra helper / beta tester?

A: Yes, we are looking for extra helpers for multiple roles.

Story writer is definitely needed. I am not very good when it comes to storytelling and will require assistance. Story writer might be asked to help with writing the dialogues, and help me with quest (and quest descriptions). Once the story is set, I will start making drafts to be used as guidelines. If you have some roleplaying experience, that would greatly help.

Someone to help with plugins. There are quite a number of complex plugins we are using and I will need some help with them (i.e. determine the note tags to be used for actors, skills, classes, states, etc.). Other things include determining whether some of the skills is achievable or not and implementing them.

Some help with the database. This includes adding all the items, weapons, armors, states, skills into the database. Other task will involve determining the equipment stats, monster stats, and classes’ stat growth. I have a model for the final stat, which needs to be translated to stats growth per level and determining item stat that will not make the game too easy or too difficult.

I don’t mind doing all the eventing, but an extra hand is also appreciated. You may know better ways in order to achieve the same effect. We will be working closely and spend some time bouncing ideas off each other and the rest of the team.

Artists and composers are welcomed as well. Though I am willing to purchase additional music packs, we may require some custom made music for certain scenario. We may also need to create custom tileset for a map or two (RTP style).

As for beta tester, I am very picky about who to take in. You must fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Chatter, or someone that is extremely social and loves to communicate, that way I can be sure to get great feedback. I want people to play the game and tell me what they think. I will be looking for around 15 of you.
  2. Smasher, or really technical people who are insanely driven to test every technical aspect of the game. If you find it fun to breaking monsters, finding shortcuts that even the developers did not know about, bug hunting, then this is something for you. I will be looking for around 3-5 of you. Maybe even set a reward for the most bug found or something 😉
  3. Innocent people who never really play much game in their life. You are possibly one of the most crucial part and I will be counting on you to point out whatever you find confusing. As an experienced gamer, we learn to predict or look ahead and get the idea of what we are supposed to do for a certain quest. However it is not the same to someone less experienced. I am only looking for 1-2 of you to help me test out this game. Please do not be afraid to point out anything you find confusing.



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